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Club by Jonasty

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Eagles/DorkaMorka Club

Wrath of the Chosen, Chapter 1, Dead Man's Hand
(Ten Thunders - Jakob Lynch VS Neverborn - The Dreamer)

This game saw my Ten Thunders Jakob Lynch facing off against Ed's Dreamer in a Story encounter for control of an object desired by the Mistress of the Last Blossoms.

712 days ago 1,129 0 Mali'
Soulstones 50
Strategy Transport Relic (Crossroads)

Spring '15 League, Week 2 game
(Resurrectionists - Yan Lo VS Gremlins - Zoraida)

Matched up against Ed for our week 2 league game. Despite much Malifaux being played over the last year or so this was actually our first game against each other.

769 days ago 880 0 Mali'
Soulstones 50
Strategy Collect the Bounty (Strategy (2015))

Scouting the crater
(Resurrectionists - Yan Lo VS Guild - Perdita Ortega)

Threw down against Jon in a warm up game for the league. He's still new-ish to Malifaux and this was only my second game with Yan Lo so it would be interesting.

785 days ago 700 0 Mali'
Soulstones 50
Strategy Reconnoiter (Strategy (2014))

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Off with their heads!
(Arcanists - Ramos VS Neverborn - Lilith)
802 days ago 1,011 0 Comments Mali'
Soulstones 50
Strategy Headhunter
(Strategy (2015))