We're looking for translators

Hello. As The Battle Directory's audience grows its increasingly important that we cater for a larger and international user base.

So the translation process has begun, if you're interested in helping out please get in touch.

At present we have started German and Italian but the more helpers and the more languages the better. So if you can help in anyway with any language please do get in touch.

Final note, if you're reading a translated version of the site (e.g. not English) then some translation are incomplete are still being generated


About The Battle Directory!

The new home of Battle Reports! I can see you have some questions...

What is The Battle Directory?

The Battle Directory takes the pain out of building and sharing battle reports for all your favourite gaming systems. Simply import your army, upload some photos, and fill in as much detail as you like. We’ll take care of all the hard work so you can focus on your strategy.

Is The Battle Directory for me?

Yes! Anyone can register and start making their own Battle Report right now. Its free! Just Register and you're away in seconds. Haven't got a full report yet? No problem, your report's progress is saved so you can easily comeback later and complete it at any time.

A little about the developer

The Battle Directory is an idea I had (I am Jake, I run a 40K blog at cadianshock.com) the idea was to create a web application that can be used by anyone for any game system to house battle reports.

Battle Directory Features

Import painlessly

Skip the data entry with built-in Battlescribe and Army Builder compatibility.

Stay organised

Document all your battle reports in one place.

Show off

Tell the story in pictures with smart image annotation.

Gain renown

Achievements and ratings systems let you build up the glory of your legions.

Find what you need

Searchable battle reports by game system and faction. Learn your army better, or discover your enemies' dirty tricks.

Spread the word

Easily share your battle reports in an easy-to-view format.

Grow your base

Export your games and share them on the platforms your fans prefer to follow.

More features in development can be found on the Roadmap and other updates are also on the Blog.


If you want to read battle reports at the moment you may have a favourite blog to read or read reports in a specific section of your favorite forum. But each one is different and formatted in a different way, plus forums and blogs can be very limiting in terms of appearance, design and layout of a battle report.
I want The Battle Directory to offer a solution to people wanting to read reports and people wanting to write reports. The benefits to readers should be obvious, they can search via game system, army, winning team, mission, etc to find a report they really want to read. The benefit to writers are harder to accomplish because each writer has a different style and requires different outcomes for their report.
Broadly speaking however I wanted it to be easy to add a report and have varying options so that a report can take on the style the writer wants, rather than being forced to input lots of meta data and unwanted information. It could be very easy to get bogged down in the meta of a report, but hopefully I have made a lot of that data optional with just the minimum details needed to start writing the report.

Help & Get Involved!

The Battle Directory is still a work in progress and so there are bugs and features missing. But now is the time to get involved so please do get in touch with your bugs, ideas and feature requests! You can Register now and start adding reports today!