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Hello. As The Battle Directory's audience grows its increasingly important that we cater for a larger and international user base.

So the translation process has begun, if you're interested in helping out please get in touch.

At present we have started German and Italian but the more helpers and the more languages the better. So if you can help in anyway with any language please do get in touch.

Final note, if you're reading a translated version of the site (e.g. not English) then some translation are incomplete are still being generated

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Latest Battle Reports

Ten Thunders VS Neverborn Malifaux

Ten Thunders vs Neverborn

By shaneryan

248 days ago 279 0 Comments Mali'
Soulstones 50
Strategy Squatter's Rights (Strategy (2014))

Night Lords VS Iron Hands WH30K

Heretical Ohio League game Round 2

By ultimate_dave

292 days ago 262 0 Comments 30K
Points 2,500
Mission Fire Tide (Betrayal)

Rebel Fleet VS Imperial Fleet X-Wing

Scorta politica

By enricoromani

308 days ago 64 0 Comments XWing
Points 52
Mission Political Escort (Classic)

Latest Warhammer 30k Battle Reports

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Night Lords VS Mechanicum
Ultimate Dave vs Perz: Dominion - By ultimate_dave
Night Lords VS Mechanicum
Perz and Ultimate Dave play their 1st Horus Heresy game. - By ultimate_dave

Latest Warhammer 40K Battle Reports

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Blood Angels VS Astra Militarum
Imperium on Imperium - By cadianshock
Tau Empire VS Necrons
Tidehunters - By Asx32
Astra Militarum VS Chaos Space Marines
A Lesson at 500 Points - By cadianshock

Latest Dropzone Commander Battle Reports

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PHR VS Shaltari
Too many Quarters - By wowskyguy
PHR VS Shaltari
Knife Fight - By wowskyguy

Latest Infinity Battle Reports

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Ariadna VS Caledonian Highlander Army
Armory CHA vs USAriadna - By MGWright
Haqqislam VS Ariadna
200 Point Nimbus Zone - By MGWright
Ariadna VS Haqqislam
February bat rep contest. - By MGWright

Latest Malifaux Encounters

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Ten Thunders VS Neverborn
Ten Thunders vs Neverborn - By shaneryan
Ten Thunders - Jakob Lynch VS Neverborn - The Dreamer
Wrath of the Chosen, Chapter 1, Dead Man's Hand - By Jonasty
Resurrectionists - Yan Lo VS Gremlins - Zoraida
Spring '15 League, Week 2 game - By Jonasty

Latest Warmachine & Hordes Battle Reports

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The Protectorate of Menoth VS Legion of Everblight
Feora2 vs Vayl1 - By tenbelow
Convergence of Cyriss VS Khador
WetCoast GT 2015: Lucant vs eVladimir - By Retnab
Convergence of Cyriss VS Skorne
WetCoast GT 2015: Lucant vs pXerxis - By Retnab

Latest X-Wing Battle Reports

Rebel Fleet VS Imperial Fleet
Scorta politica - By enricoromani
Rebel Fleet VS Imperial Fleet
Wedge Antilles vs Soontir Fel - By enricoromani
Imperial Fleet VS Rebel Fleet
Ultimate Dave vs Ultimate Toe: Get in, Get Out - By ultimate_dave